Vítor de Sousa

PhD in Communication Sciences (Intercultural Communica-tion), by the University of Minho, with the thesis: Da ‘portugalidade’ à lusofonia [From ‘Portugality’ to Lusophony], he has a Master’s Degree (specialised in Media Education) and a Bachelor’s Degree (specialised in Information and Journalism) in the same area. Among his research areas are questions surrounding identity, Cultural Studies, Media Education and Journalism theories. He is a researcher at CECS (Communication and So-ciety Research Centre), where he integrates the Group of Cultural Studies, is a member of the project: “CulturesPast&Present - Memories, cultures and identities: how the past weights on the present-day intercultural relations in Mozambique and Portugal?” (FCT/Aga Khan) and Museu Virtual da Lusofonia. He is a member of Sopcom, ECREA and As-sociação dos Amigos da Biblioteca Municipal de Penafiel. He won the Mário Quartim Graça 2016 Scientific Award, which distinguishes the best doctoral thesis in the last three years in the area of Social Sciences and Humanities, in Portugal and in Latin America. He was a journalist (1986-1997) and a press officer (1997-2005)


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