Justin Davy

Justin Davy or DjyGhoemaHare is an emerging visual artist from Cape Town. Having completed his studies at the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, he has returned to the mothercity where he has immersed himself in various projects and exhibitions.

Davy can be described as a mixed media artist who is unrestricted by the traditional divisions within Fine Art. His recent work has taken the form of art performance and video with the one often informing or spawning the other. He has taken part in the Infecting the City public arts and a performance exhibition in Den Bosch in the Netherlands.

His performances are almost always in the public domain away from gallery or institutional spaces and invite public participation, often delving into the colonial history and psyche of South Africa.  In Mediation, Davy performed on the streets of Holland and Cape Town with a typewriter and re-imagined Khoisan language, the language of some of his ancestors.

As video asrtist he has received various acollades including being selected as finalist in the 2011 My Town Short competition as well as the One Minute Africa Awards based in Cairo. Train 3505, probably his strongest video work to date, is a particularly moving portrait of religion on Capetown metrorail trains.