J. D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere

Born in 1930, Ojomu Emai, Nigeria, J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere documented, through photography, the myriad of cultural trends in his native Nigeria and in other places. His photographies give us the recognition of many changes of style occurring through time. Besides serving as document, his photos produce a cultural commentary on human behavior, cultural identity and african social dynamic. 

While the majority of Nigerian photographers in the 1960’s were only concerned with commercial photography, Ojeikere had other intentions. He always wanted to understand society and map its cultural dimensions. His project choices usually reflect the interests and difficulties of various communities.

Ojeikere is introduced to photography by his cousin, that advised him to buy a camera and taught him the basic. Right after, he opens his own studio -  Foto Ojeikere. In 1967, becomes an active member in the Nigeria Art Council, a foundation responsible for organizing a live and visual arts festival. This was an opportunity to Ojeikere dedicate himself to the Nigerian culture. 

Hair Style  is one out of many photographic projects that Ojeikere begun in 1968. The photographies from “Hair Style” represent cultural and ethnographic differences. They give us the opportunity to look behind and see what was on Vogue in the 1960’s, comparing the hairdressings and styles of today.