Ana Bigotte Vieira

Ana has a PhD in Communication Science/ Contemporary Culture - Communication and Arts from Universidade NOVA of Lisbon. Her PhD research, recently awarded with an Honorable Mention in Contemporary History by Mário Soares Foundation centers on the ‘cultural transformation’ that occurred in Portugal after it joined the European Union in the 1980s, focusing on the performative role played by the opening of the Modern Art Museum. 

Vieira was a Visiting Scholar at Tisch/NYU Performance Studies from 2009 to 2012. She graduated in Modern and Contemporary History at ISCTE, and undertook post-graduate studies in Contemporary Culture at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and in Theatre Studies at Universidade de Lisboa.  She works as a theatre and dance dramaturge. She is a researcher atIFILNOVA and IHC (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa), and CET (Universidade de Lisboa). 

Vieira received a Dwight Conquergood Free Registration Award at PSi # 17, in Utrecht and was co-curator of Generative Indirections | PSi Regional Research Cluster in Portugal. Founding member of baldio | performance studies research collective and Jeux Sans Frontières/BUALA editorial platform.  Her writings have been published in Le Monde DiplomatiqueL’internationaleonlinePunkto Magazine, BUALAidança, among others.

She has been curating small-scale discursive and performative events around Arts and Politics together with Sandra Lang and is currently working together with choreographer João dos Santos Martins on project of collective historicization of Portuguese New Dance.

Ana Bigotte Vieira has translated, among others, Giorgio Agamben, Maurizio Lazzarato, Luigi Pirandello, Mark Ravenhill, Annibale Ruccello and Spiro Scimone. Together with Luis Trindade and Giulia Bonalli, she was co-curator of the cycle When Were the 1980s? IHC, Lisbon.


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