Päätön (headless)

Combining photography and performance, Abraham Oghobase investigates the purpose of existence by attempting to capture a wide range of human emotions through photography. Loneliness, fear, anxiety, solitude and freedom are some of the feelings he explores using his own body as subject matter. He aims to de-construct and even to de-contextualize in order to find a new, unique meaning for the individual who continuously has to negotiate his way through the world to find his place on this planet.

In Päätön (translation from Finnish: headless), Abraham explores the human body in an alien environment – in this case, a wintry landscape void of other human beings. There is a choreographed assimilation of the body and other masses in that space. Here the body takes the form of a headless being to imply its invisibility while validating its presence by taking an ‘alien’ form itself in the environment.