HAnd | LiFe

In Teodolinda’s work, street art and interior art intersect in an attempt to dilute borders. The artist mediates these universes, creating ephemeral situations that we access (if not in person) through photo and video documentation. They raise questions related to the body in space, with all the intrinsic issues of identity and belonging. This same body becomes an instrument and space of intervention for the performative act.

The trilogy HAndMaDeLifE depicts a process that comes from the author’s hands in an almost “artisanal” form. The creation of a handmade life. The video HAnd works and reconstructs a route that is based on places of learning, as well as the memory they are associated with. The video LifE, developed in an intimate perspective, refers to the act of drawing as a manifestation of something desired. It deals with the construction of a scenario where we are the base. At the same time, it addresses the transformation of these signifiers, in order to generate other possible meanings.

The performance G.I. Jane’s - ‘This is a Government Issue’ is a street intervention, documented by Ricardo Falcão, where two characters are carrying out a revolution. This action is planned in a kitchen, by two women who identify themselves as housewives. Arming themselves with Poetry, Art and Presence, they resolve to take to the street to intervene in everyday life.