Convergence Ports - Maputo | Luanda

A Journey without Innocence

“Porto de Luanda” (“Luanda Port”) and “Porto de Maputo” (“Maputo Port”) are the first results of the “Portos de Convergência” (“Convergence Ports”) project where I explore the relations between Southern Africa and the rest of the world, particularly the American and European continents, in a search for the African legacy in those territories.

Historically, it is in the Africa – America – Europe triangle that the main routes of massive and brutal migration are drawn, made by the (transatlantic) slave trade of African people. For really understanding the importance of the African legacy in foreign lands, it is necessary to go back to the historical points of departure and arrival of the African population: the seaports.

This revisiting of places that retraces paths, remakes routes of entry and leaving, in a repetition of tracks and places, it’s not innocent. On the contrary, it is an active search for the ancestor’s marks and simultaneously a confrontation, and its registration, with this circulation’s continuity, this marginal migratory traffic/trade, damnable, doomed and consented, which exports Africa in an ill-wrapped way.

Mauro Pinto