Atemporal veils

My work aims to establish links between a Western education and an African and Muslim origin that at times escapes me, originating from a cultural mixture that moves between religion and modernity, in a country of different values where everything coexists paradoxically without, however, combining.

Through the fabric, this atemporal veil (the base of my work), I try to understand how it stopped being questioned and how it has always been present, a figure of recollection. Veiling and unveiling of the desire to see, to understand in series of false articulations constructed by my artist’s eye and by the viewer (voyeur), wise montage of linking and unlinking.

In other words, one finds themselves in this Warburgian “empathy” that is determined to recover forms, motives, attitudes, past signs, absorbing and creating a connection between ancient history, Christians and Muslims to confront them with the reality of today (relation to the Islamic veil?).

Its aim is, therefore, to create something intimate or (and) intimidating, with respect to both a personal and general history, creating this link and this strong relationship, calling for a heritage that is, at the same time, visual, artistic, social and religious.

The black and white is translated in my photos, and in my work in general, as a distance from anything of the past, but that is anchored in the present because it is always real.